AvidEye Productions is a Calgary-based, award winning independent production company. They have produced over thirty productions working with local and national arts organisations and non-profits creating documentaries on iconic artists Katie Ohe and Anna Torma; on Calgary artist and art preparator Doug Haslam; and on influencial and award winning Indigenous contemporary art curator, Lee-Ann Martin. AvidEye productions has recently been awarded 'Best Documentary' awards from On Art Film Festival (Europe's largest outdoor film festival), and Edmonton Short Film Festival, among other awards and official selections.

AvidEye is comprised of Scottish/Canadian producer, artist, and communications and marketing professional, Jill Henderson (Linkedin), and Latin American/Canadian director and producer Aquiles Ascencion.

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Aquiles Ascencion

Aquiles Ascencion is a Calgary-based producer and director originally from Venezuela. Ascencion graduated from the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Geneva, Switzerland in 2003, with further studies in Writing for Film and Television, graduating in 2013 from the Vancouver Film School. 

Ascencion’s recent projects focus on stories on contemporary art and artists, frequently co-produced with non-profit cultural and arts organizations including Esker Foundation, Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre and The Canada Council for the Arts. Recent projects include a documentary short on iconic, Alberta born sculptor Katie Ohe in "KATIE OHE: a mystical kind of a experience" (2020); a look behind-the-scenes at a contemporary art gallery through the role of an art preparator, in "The Preparator" (2019, winner at On Art Film Festival 2020); a portrait of the groundbreaking curator of contemporary Indigenous art, and winner of outstanding contribution Governor General Visual Arts Award 2019, Lee Ann Martin, in "Portrait of Lee Ann Martin" (2019); and a portrait of Hungarian-Canadian award-winning textile and embroidery artist Anna Torma in "Conversation with Anna Torma" (2018).


Jill Henderson

Jill Henderson is a Calgary-based producer, artist and communications and marketing professional. Henderson currently is Head of Communications at Esker Foundation, a non-profit private contemporary art gallery in Calgary, previously she held the post of Marketing and Communications Manager at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. Prior to these positions, Henderson worked for leading international non-profit art organizations in Glasgow, New York City and Toronto, and for leading contemporary artists for over fifteen years in the roles of communications, marketing, and education.

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